Pepper Pak 50

Pepper Pak 50

The Pepper Pak 50 chemical agent dispersal system from Less Lethal Concepts gives your team a compact, lightweight, easy-to-use, self-contained system for quickly and safely subduing crowds or individuals with less lethal chemical agents.  This innovative system is effective in close quarters or as far as 85 feet way, dispersing a targeted pulverized chemical agent mist.  Refillable in the field, this is a system that no law enforcement, corrections or security agency should be without.

The Pepper Pak 50 dispenser, manufactured by Less Lethal Concepts, is the ideal device for managing individuals or large crowds. Compact and easy to use, the pack is simple to put on and comfortable to carry. Reaching lengths of up to 50 feet, choose one of the following included attachments to meet the needs of each specific situation: a short barrel wand, long barrel wand, curved wand, and a Pepper Pack 50multi­-directional spray wand.

With the increasing tensions between law enforcement/correctional officers and non-compliant subjects, Less Lethal Concepts designed the Pepper Pak 50 chemical agent dispersal system to be deployed at both long range and close range without risk of injury to help save lives, protect property, reduce liability and increase officer safety.  By keeping law enforcement at a safe distance, and extending the range of engagement, the Pepper Pak 50 enables an officer to maintain control of a single individual or a large group in a crowd control situation by dispersing non-lethal pepper spray (OC).  This space, both time and distance, allows for better decisions, greater tactical flexibility, and a less emotional response.

Pepper Pack 50Features and Benefits
● Keeps officers at a safe distance from confrontation
● Ideal for correctional facilities to spray under doors and through food traps
● Nonflammable (Taser safe agents)
●CO2 Propellant
● Lightweight and easy to carry with a durable reinforced backpack
● Compact and easy to manage
● Large 50oz capacity. Patented dual tank system
● Rail mount for camera, light or laser
● Reusable and field refillable
● American made





 Brand Less Lethal Concepts
 Model PPK50
 Range 80 feet
 Duration 35-40, one second bursts
 Propellant CO2
 Operating PSI 500
 Maximum PSI 3000
 Min. Operating Temp -40° Fahrenheit
 Max. Operating Temp 180° Fahrenheit
 Material Medical Grade Aluminum
 Length 16″
 Width 9″
 Empty Weight 11.65 pounds
 Filled Weight 13.5 pounds
 Capacity 50oz

Instructions and Specifications

Limited Warranty Parts & Labor
5 Years from Date of Purchase
Return Policies
Return for replacement within 60 days from purchase
Manufacturer Contact Info
Support: (800) 531-9576 ext 2
  • How durable is the Pepper Pak 50?
    • Designed with the highest quality, mil spec material and made in America, the Pepper Pak 50 has gone through rigorous durability testing including drop testing and temperature extreme testing.  The PP50 is extremely durable.
  • Can the Pepper Pak 50 function after sitting in the trunk on a hot summer day?
    • Yes, the Pepper Pak 50 has been tested up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • What types of pepper spray can I use?
    • Any and all brands Sabre, Defensive Technologies, Fox Labs, Top Cop, chemical agents.  The PPK50  is made to conform to department SOPs.
  • How much does it weigh?
    • Filled weight is 13.5 lbs.
  • How much does it cost?
    • Please call for pricing and quantity discounts, (800) 531-9576 and press 1.
  • Can I use any other propellant other than CO2?
    • No, this system (sprayer, lines and fittings) have been rated and validated for CO2 only.  Anything else will void the warranty.
  • Can I use any backpack with the Pepper Pak 50?
    • No, this carrier system has been specifically designed for the Pepper Pak 50.  Anything else will void the warranty.
  • How hard is it to fill?
    • It is easy and quick.  Remove the plug using the plug wrench (included) and pour agent into tank.  Add CO2 with quick release valve.  Ready to deploy in 60 seconds